Field to Fashion

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I’m part of a spinning group, and not the one that makes you really sweaty and regret moving the next day.  We’re a group of people that spin our own yarn using spinning wheels. It’s a great group were we can chat and share knowledge (as a relatively inexperienced spinner I appreciate all the knowledge that is being shared with me). One women that I’ve met there, Katie, is the founder of The Wool Guild.  It’s a guild that brings people that love wool and people that are part of wool production together for the love of the fiber.  She made this great video that goes into the production of wool garments, from the sheep to a finished product.  It is a lot prettier to watch than a How it’s Made video.

Katie is an amazing person that is truly passionate about the work she is doing.  You should definitely check out The Wool Guilds website (link Here).  Also the Wool Guilds Instagram (@thewoolguild) is great for pictures of wool and many cute lambs. 

Katie hasn't asking me to talk about this, I genuinely enjoy the video and want to share it with the world.  Ontario is filled with some amazing wool and people that really care about it. 

Edit 22/04/2017:  Katie had submitted this video into the TVO's Short Doc contest.  It's a contest the local public television channel ran, for documentaries that were under 5 minutes. Field to Fashion won second place over all, as well as peoples choice!   You can check out more about that here.