Canada 150 Inspired Embroidery - Free Pattern

Hudson bay Canada 150 Embroidery free

I exhibited at my first fair of the year a few weeks ago.  It went really well, but after it was done and everything was put away I needed a project that wasn’t fair related to acts as a creative reset before I got back into the swing of things.

Canada 150 Hudson Bay embroidery

I decided that an embroidery project would work really well to do this.  I follow some embroiderers on Instagram and every time I see them stitch I am reminded that it’s something I can do.  Not as well as them, obviously, but it really got my creative juices flowing.

Canada 150 Embroidery close up


I thought about what I wanted to stitch.  A cactus crossed my mind, but it reminded me too much of the crochet cacti that I’ve been working on recently.  I enjoy working on them but I wanted to shake things up.  I decided on the Canada 150 logo.

Canada 150 Logo


It’s Canada sesquicentennial anniversary, and the logo they designed to celebrate was fully embraced by us Canadians.  It’s on everything and it’s everywhere I go when I leave the house.  It’s a pretty, simple design that I really enjoy the look of.

Since I was going Canadian themed, I double down and made the logo in the Hudson’s Bay colours.  Hudson’s Bay is Canada’s oldest company and they have this super iconic colour pattern.  It’s stripes of blue, red, green and yellow broken up by an off white.

Image from WIkipidea:  link

Image from WIkipidea: link

To make the embroidery, I printed a picture of the logo and traced it out with a pencil on a piece of white fleece fabric I had in my fabric collection. I made this step way harder for myself than it should have been.  

I should have waited for some sunlight and used a window to trace everything.  Instead, I just squinted really hard and tried to trace it.  Not the smartest thing I could have done.  I do not recommend it but it was dark out and I really wanted to start the project.  

Since then, I've made a diagram, I’ll be able to use transfer paper to create more embroidery patterns of the logo, should I decide to make this pattern again.  

Canada 150 Hudson Day Free Embroidery Pattern

I eventually figured it out and got a outline on my fabric and picked out the threads I wanted to use. Most of the colours, I had on hand from previous projects but I did have to buy a blue.  They were all DNC brand threads. I lost the bit that had the colour name on it, so I’m not exactly sure which ones I used.

I cut my thread to be about a foot long.  I find anything over that and I am prone to getting a lot of knots.  I split my thread in half.  Embroidery thread has 6 strands. I used three of these strands to get the stitch thickness I needed.  I did the backstitch method of embroidery, doing my best to keep my stitches and tension as even as possible.  Something that I’ve struggled with in a lot of my past projects.

A look at the back, and faint traces of me tryining to draw 

A look at the back, and faint traces of me tryining to draw 


It was a really quick and easy project. I found that the stitching was pretty quick to do and I got into a decent rhythm.  It was really calming to work on and it was a perfect break from some of the other projects I’ve got going at the moment.

In some spots I’m not as straight as I hoped. However, I think it gives it more least that’s what I keep telling  myself.  I don’t really embroider often but I wanted to share this project. I think it came out really well and it shows my Canadian pride.  You are welcomed to download the template and make your own piece.   If you do, tag me (@ChipkeyCreations across the web) so that I can see your project.

Free embroidery Canada 150 Hudson Bay