Haul: Makeology April 2017


During the Easter long weekend, my family and I took a road trip to Hamilton, Ontario to check out the Makeology Spring Fair.  I had found out about Makeology through Instagram and was interested in checking out the fair since it seemed really cool and hip.  I had been featured on the Makeology Online Market (Link here) back in March for one of my Crochet Cactus (Shameless plug here) and thought it would be fun to see the show live. 

The fair was very busy and fun to attend.  The whole famjam wound up buying stuff. I went over my budget by a few dollars and wanted to share the purchases that we made. Not all of them were mine. My parents let me borrow their purchases to take pictures before they started using their purchases. 


Breakfast in Bed Candle by Campy Home (Etsy Shop Here)

Campy Home Candle
Campy Home Candle out of box

This a soy candle is suppose to burn for 80 hours. That fact has yet to be fully tested.  When I was at the Campy Home booth I took a sniff of this candle expecting some coffee scent given the name.  It's not, it's a light citrus smell with grapefruit, lemons and limes as the main scents. It's a really nice and light smell.  The woman running the booth was so nice and politely laughed at my bad jokes about her candle called A Late Night. (It does not smell like alcohol, cigarette smoke and regret btw).


Lunar Facial Scrub By Mellow Bath and Body (Shop Here

Mellow sold some soap bars. I have a huge stash of soap that I need to use up so I skipped  over these. The facial scrub powder seemed interesting.  You add a bit of water to make a paste and put that on your face as either an exfoliant or mask depending on how long you leave it on your face. Mellow Bath and Body is vegan, doesn't have any preservative, and they use all good natural stuff. 

Monkey Butter

White Chocolate and Raspberry Peanut Butter by  Monkey Butter PB (Site here)

I like peanut butter. I like white chocolate, and I like raspberries. There's no reason to not love this product. I've had it on my toast for breakfast a few times and it is super delicious.  The downside is that it is really sweet, so I can't have it for breakfast everyday or my dentist will come knocking at my door to yell at me.  It uses all natural ingredients and it's made in small batches. 


Painted Concrete Planter by Double L Decor (Site here)

At the fair it was actually hard to get to this table, since there were so many people at it at all times;  great for them, but a tad annoying.  When we got to the table it was well worth it.  Double L's planters are really pretty. All the planters are hand painted and aren't rough like you would expect a item made out of concrete to be.  I am currently using it with one of my crocheted cactus and it looks fabulous! 

Double L Pot
Double L Pot from above
I don't have model hands... 

I don't have model hands... 

Midi Ring By Dawning Collective (Site Here)

All the stuff at this booth were crazy cute.  Dawning has really cute cactus and llama necklaces which I am in love with.  They also had these sweet and dainty midi rings.  I had tried a few on since they look great stacked or on different parts of the finger.  Unfortunately, I don't think I'm cool enough to to pull off the multiple ring look, so I ended up getting one midi ring.  I really like the hammered look, and it kinda mimics the look of my engineering Iron Ring which I wear on my left hand.  I've been wearing this one on my right hand to balance out the amount of jewelry I have on each hand. 


Earrings by Priestess (Site Here)

These earrings are made out of a really glittery stone.  I'm not 100% sure what it is. I think it's peacock ore.  The woman told me what it was the day of the fair but I've since forgotten.  This stone is suppose to bring wealth and who doesn't like that. The earrings are nice studs and versatile in it's look as the stones reflect different colours.  

Priestess Earrings

Support Handmade Patch by Maker's Movement (Site Here

Maker's Movement Patch

Maker's Movement's main project is a bi-annual magazine about creatives. The magazines are gorgeous.  I picked up a patch because I am a sucker for patches and I liked the look of it. I've already put it on my denim jacket as flair and it looks really good. 


Flair by Makeology (Site here)

Running a fair and a booth must has been super hard but they did it.  The Makeology table was selling some maker inspired items.  I picked up a patch and a pin.  They are both on my jacket and look super cool. 

Makeology Patch
Makeology Pin

That's pretty much it.  The fair was really fun, and I was glad to have made the trip out.  The fair brings a lot of people in and introduces people to artisans that they may not have heard about otherwise.