March Meet the Maker

Hey all,

It’s the last day of the month, but I wanted to write something for March Meet the Marker. It’s actually an Instagram photo challenge where you post a photo every day about you and your maker business based on the daily prompt. I did a good majority of it last year, but I’m rather bad at month-long challenges. The amount of times I started a Yoga with Adrienne 30 Day Yoga Challenges is a little embarrassing, (the record is 8 days).

Nevertheless, I wanted to take this alliteration as a good opportunity to re-introduce myself. I feel like I don’t really share much about me as a person on here. Which has a lot to do with privacy but also out of a fear of opening up. So here’s we go, we are on a blind date and it’s time to get to know each other.

Hi, my name is Zoe. I’m the head creator and maker for Chipkey Creations. I’ve been knitting since I was 6ish and crocheting since I was around 8. So I’ve been working with yarn for over 15 years, which will give you a ballpark on my age. 

Me and my dog Muppet

Me and my dog Muppet


I started on Etsy in 2012, but I wasn’t completely sure what I was going to do on there. I really got serious about Chipkey Creations in late 2016 and expanded it in 2017 so I had this pretty website as my own corner of the internet.

Chipkeycreation etsy Shop

I make a lot of the product you see on the site. If I didn’t make it, my mom did as she is my production assistant. She helps make cacti and spins the yarn on a old-school spinning wheel for many of the items. She actually taught me how to knit and crochet way back in the day. She’s a wellness strategist and you should check her out at her website here

cacti on cacti on cacti

Although I was always really into yarn, fabric and textile design, I actually went to school for Civil Engineering. I really like designing things people will use. What do people use more than their buildings? We spend around 90% indoors so I want to make sure that experience is a pleasant one, also so that the roof doesn’t fall down on you. I find that part really important, which is why I’m in engineering and not an architecture.


After I graduated, I worked at a multinational arts and crafts store as a floor associate. It was a pretty good job for a customer service job and I got to touch a lot of yarn. I did that for part-time and it gave me a chance to lay the groundwork for and preparing for craft fairs I participated in over the summer and during the holiday season. 


My mom and my booth at Uxbridge Art in the Park last summer 


In October, I started my full time job as a Junior Building Science engineer. Which is a fancy way of saying I design walls to make sure the stuff that is suppose to stay outside stays there and the indoor stuff stays indoors. It’s a cool job, but it does mean that it’s harder to take cacti pictures in natural light since that’s typically the time of day when I’m at the office.

Throwing signs while on site

Throwing signs while on site


Oh, fun fact: March is National Engineering Month in Canada in addition to March Meet the Maker. Here’s a link for more info ( I really like it as a profession and would suggest any person that enjoys math and science to consider it as a career path.

My Insta feed at the time of writing this. 

My Insta feed at the time of writing this. 

Anyways, if you’ve noticed that I don’t post Instagram photos everyday that is probably why. I’m still making, especially during my commutes since I’m on the train. I’m also working on new products that I'm not ready to share yet. But lighting and editing are my enemies! Also, my computer was being repairs a bunch of times, which didn't help either. 

When I’m not crocheting cacti, I am typically doing a lot of other yarn related hobbies. Like knitting. I currently have a bunch of yarn that I’m trying to move out. So I’m stash busting (using up the yarn I’m hoarding) by making hats and mittens to donate to charities that work with Toronto’s homeless committees. I’m working through the year to donate a big pile just as Fall hits this year. 

I also co-run a blog with my friend Olivia called This is Not a Great Idea ( We write about pretty much anything. My current series is going to coffee shops and trying to find the best latte. But in general we talk about music, books and stuff that interests us.

The banner for the blog I co-run (Click through link)

The banner for the blog I co-run (Click through link)


Shameless plug, but you should totally check it out. It’s a really fun passion project for us.

In general, I’m a young Canadian chick that loves making stuff with yarn, hanging out with my pets (two cats named Fatima and Sneakers as well as a dog named Muppet), and other humans from time to time (but not really). I probably spend way too much time on Reddit (to the point that I actually said Reddit instead of Revit, a modelling software, during an interview), and YouTube looking at cats sitting in boxes.

but first let me take a selfie

I want to be better at writing in the blog portion of this website, but another reason I went into engineering was because I was told I wouldn’t have to write (ps: that is a lie). This type of stuff is way harder for me than making the cacti, but I want to be more open about what I’m up to and I think this is a good point to work from. I’m working on being better at added stuff on the shop, as well as doing the in-person fairs. Which are so fun, and it’s really cool way to talk to people in real life and see them interact with the stuff that I put so much time into. I find they can be really draining so I want to look at being better at haddling multi day fairs as part of my life.

trinity bellwoods flea booth

I also want to submit to get a ball of yarn to become an emoji. But that is not high priority goal.

That pretty much sums up the stuff you should know about me. But I want to know more about you! Where are you from?  What’s your most visited website? If you were a drink, what would it be? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. For me it’s Toronto, Canada. Google, followed by my email. Coca Cola or Green Tea.