Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air and I’ve started some spring cleaning now that the snow is finally gone. Last weekend I cleaned the garage and finally moved out a bunch of stuff that was ready for its next home, either inside the house, donated or garbage. I’ve also done some spring cleaning on the website.

The portfolio section has been changed a bit and is now organized by year. There are a few projects that I need to add to that section so that it is up to date.

I’ve been doing it in sections to not get overwhelmed or bored, there is no in between. So it's worth coming back and checking from time to time.

The next major difference you will notice is the shop section. I’m now hosting my products on Shopify. They are better suited for my shipping needs, as a Canadian maker there are not a lot of places that integrate well for Canada Post. Also I have a bunch of friends that work at the head office and they talked me into getting one. It won’t affect you much but you can now checkout with Paypal.

Chipkey Creations Shop Screen Shot

My integration with Paypal was way harder to do than expected. I found a bug in the system and kept getting error pages. I  called them 6 times, was hung up on once while trying to work through the technical issues with my account. It’s a long story and I won't bore you with the details. My advice: if you don’t have to call Paypal, don’t.

I have the "on hold" music stuck in my head. It haunts my dreams...

My account is fixed which makes purchasing that much easier. I've purchase many items while sitting in bed or on the bus because I could use Paypal, so I'm all for it as a service even if they did hang up on me.

Wall Hanging

While I was cleaning I found this wall hanging I started 2 summers back. It was actually 98% done. I just needed to fix the dowel and add the yarn to hang it. At the time I didn’t have a saw so I could not cut the dowel to the size I needed. Then I moved and it got lost in the shuffle. But it’s done now! I might make a tutorial on how to make one if I can figure out how I did it before.

Wall Hanging purple and White

I’m moving soon, I’m excited to get into my new space. I’m trying to figure out the best way to store my yarn. I see so many pretty storage solutions on Pinterest or at my friends' houses and I want something similar. I should consider the rest of the decor but my mind keeps straying to yarn.

I finished this project just in time to move it again. I really want to hang it up and not have it sitting in a box for another year and a half.

I'm also focused on getting ready for my first outdoor show of the year. It’s the Pickering Artfest. I did it last year and it was a blast. I’m very happy to be participating again. More info in the Events Tab of the site.

So, my Spring cleaning is leading to a new place to live and a fresh season of shows and fairs. I'm looking forward to all of it. Have you been doing any Spring Cleaning and found something interesting? I would love to hear about it.