Just a List of Songs That Make Me Think of Summer

It’s OFFICIALLY SUMMER! Yay!! 🎉 🎉 🎉  

This is a list of songs that give me real summer vibes. I mostly listen to indie music and the biggest complaint people have about my playlists are that they’ve never heard of any of the artists. This playlist I’ve compiled contains mostly contemporary songs, so you won’t see  ‘Summer of 69’ on here, although it’s a good song. You’ve been warned.

summer Songs

Believer by Paper Lions

I love this band; they are tied for Two Hours Traffic (seen further down this list) for my favorite band. They were the best concert I’ve ever been to - and I’ve seen Kayne! They are a four piece band that is based out of Prince Edward Island. This song is the first single of their most recent album and this tune is fun and great for driving around.

Lush Life by Zara Larsson

This song was my summer anthem for the Summer of 2016. My friends and I would play it on loop and I still listen to it all the time when I need a pick-me-up. Zara Larsson is a Swedish singer/songwriter, I think she was 17 when the song was released, which only makes me a little jelly that a person so young can sound so cool and look so awesome in a sequin jacket.  

Move by Saint Motel

This band is from L.A. and I stumbled on to one of their songs on Youtube a few summers and I was hooked. Their songs are really upbeat and cool feeling. It’s great to listen to while wearing your sunglasses while sitting beside a pool.

Electric Feels by MGMT

Is this a throwback song if it came out in 2007? I believe this song will be one of the ones that define our generation. It’s great to dance too and I don’t think I’ve ever skipped it when it’s been on a playlist. MGMT’s music is still being used in stuff like the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming last year. I love this song and the beat just fits with summer vibes. 

Steal My Sunshine by Len

Can’t have a summer playlist without songs that are making direct references to the sun! This song is really chill and yet, you can’t not smile when your listen to it.

Never Thought That This Would Happen by Arkells

This song just reminds me of summer nights and making good/bad decisions. I’m not sure how well they are known internationally, but they are like the pinnacle of everything Hamilton, ON. I’ve seen them in concert a few times during summer festivals and they always seem like they love what they are doing.  

Work from Home by Fifth Harmony (RIP)

I sorta dislike pop music, more because radio stations play the same 5 pop songs on loop and I lose patience with it. It is not the case with this song though! This also was my summer anthem in 2016. I had a summer job that involved driving to a lot of construction sites. I thought the music video for this song was hilarious and insanely accurate to what it’s like on a house development construction site. (Also they are breaking so many OSHA laws, I just want to throw that out there if you wanted to recreate this video.)  I love this song and will try to sing along as all 5 girls at once.

Summer Begs by Sarah Jeffe

Let’s slow things down with this ballad about a rocky relationship and seeing if it’s worth continuing. It’s the perfect song to listen to when your driving around twilight or in the middle of the night when you’re going home after hanging out with a friend or lover.

Tunnel Vision by Tokyo Police Club

This song was a free download I got at a Starbucks a couple summers back. I really like Tokyo Police Club and this song is much more upbeat than a lot of their previous stuff and I am pretty cool with it.

Daylight by Matt and Kim

This song is pretty cheerful and it’s really hard to listen without having a smile on your face. This song was also in the closing scene of the first episode of the TV show, Community. It just has those summer vibes.

Sun by Two Door Cinema Club

There isn’t any special reason this song is on the list apart from it has the word sun in it and I really enjoy it. Two Door Cinema Club is an irish indie rock band, and they probably gained a lot of popularity since they look like Harry, Ron and Neville started a fun indie pop band. Also because the songs all are hella good.

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

I have mixed feelings about Lana Del Rey; she feels like someone I’m supposed to dislike, but I totally don’t. Her albums were in my regular study rotation and I’ve probably listen to them a hundred times. This song has to be in any summer playlist because it’s important to slow it down from time to time. Also, I referenced this song in a snapchat I sent to my friend that edits these posts and I want to prove to her that it is a song and not a cry for help.

**Editor here: I remember this snap and now I feel better.**

Homemade Dynamite by Lorde

I really like Lorde, I saw her in concert a few years back and she sounds pretty much the same as she does on the album and she dances like nobody is watching which is something I can get behind. I think this song has a good beat and thought it fit nicely here.

Tokyo Summer by Mounties

This song is so incredibly chill. It’s like a song you listen to when you want to have a cat nap in the sun or you’re kind of hungover, but still want to listen to music. Also the music video is subtle and hits you in the feels. 

You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campesinos!

This song starts rather slow, but the amount of exclamations in the name should tell you that this song is for dancing. It’s a super fun song. I googled the band to see if I can include a fun fact or something and this is the description under the offical website on Google: “Official website of your ex-girlfriend's favourite band.”

Crave You by Flight Facilities

This song isn't about summer but I like blasting it when I’m stuck in traffic wearing my big sunglasses and dancing in my car since the car in front of me isn’t moving.

Stuck for the Summer by Two Hours Traffic

Two Hours Traffic is my favorite band, they were a small group from PEI and this song was the first thing that I heard from them. It definitely hooked me in. This song has also been my summer anthem for almost a decade. I have multiple Facebook albums using lyrics from this song as the title. My summer anthems have a bit more variety nowadays, but I still love this song and think that it’s an important track on a summer playlist.


Well, that’s pretty much it. I know there’s a lot of songs missing that are summer appropriate. This is just a small sample of the songs I plan to jam out to this summer. Do you have any summer must-listens? I would love to know about them.