Trinity Bellwoods Adventures

trinity bellwoods adventure 2018

A few weeks back, I went to Trinity Bellwoods, (a neighborhood in Toronto). I’ve been a few times; like when I was a vendor at the Trinity Bellwoods Flea last summer. But I wanted to share a post about it, because it was an adventure and I was feeling inspired to write. 

The this is not a great idea crew

I had made an online order at Crywolf Clothing. I was too lazy to actually go to the store the day I made the order and just buy it in person, but not lazy enough to pay the shipping so I opted to pick it up later in the week. I didn’t want it to be a boring trip, one where I just went to one store, picked something up and went home. I wanted to make it an adventure! So I invited my friend Olivia, (we run a blog together which you should totally check out: This is Not a Great Idea), who works near by, to join me. Because cool kids go on adventures on a weeknight. 

We got my order: a baseball tee and three patches. Then we went to hang out in Trinity Bellwoods Park since it was a gorgeous day. I’m not sure what it’s like in other places in the world, but as soon as it gets semi nice and sunny in Canada we are hardcore about spending time outside for the first three weeks of good weather before returning to being indoor hermits, because it is too hot.

crywolf patches

It’s shocking how often I see people wearing shorts and a t-shirt when it’s only 15 degrees Celsius (59 F). Anyway, the park was packed. So many people sitting on the grass, reading books and drinking things that were totally not beer and wine. There were also a lot people on their bikes trying not to run over the skateboarders.

Olivia and I were able to snag a bench and people-watched for a bit. The park is famous for its white squirrel, but we didn’t see a single one unfortunately.


CN tower.jpg

The park also has a very pretty view of the CN Tower (currently the 9th tallest tower in the world). It’s my favorite structure in the world. As a structural engineer, I cry when I think of how hard it would have been to design and coordinate construction. The concrete for the tower was poured 24/7 for like three weeks in February. It’s amazing that this structure has built. Anyways…

It was getting close to dinner time, so we decided to venture and find some food. This was surprisingly harder to do than we anticipated.

olivia  and cat.jpg

We went East on Dundas, thinking we were in the hipster capital of Toronto there will be a bunch of restaurants to choose from. Pro-tip if you’re in the area: go West; there are more options in that direction. After walking past three arcades, we chose a place that looked like a pub and they had a patio. Perfect. We walk all the way to the back, out onto the patio, which was adorable. Before we even settled at a table, we met the neighborhood cat! He (we assumed) was so cute and came and visited us as we were chilling! He is a bro.

We eventually figured out this place didn’t have a kitchen nor did they have dinner options. It was more of a watering whole than a pub. We were getting hangry at this point so we needed some nourishment.

We end up at a modern Italian place. The food tasted really good. I didn’t take any pictures since the staff gave me disapproving shame looks every time I touched my phone. Even when I was using it to googled what certain ingredients were since they were a little too pretentious to explain what certain things where.  I would probably would not eat there again because of the customer service despite the food actually being amazing. 

Just a scary hole in the wall

Just a scary hole in the wall

Overall, we had a blast just exploring that area of the city and trying to look like we were Instagram models.

(There was actually so many beautiful people doing photo shoots as we were walking around. It was hard trying to to avoid being in the background of the pictures.)

But that's pretty much all I wanted to share. Mostly, I thought the cat was so cute I needed an excuse to write a blog post just to include it.