Year in Review 2017

year in review 2017

This year was been a really interesting one. I made this website! I did a bunch of fairs and met some amazing people.

I started to write an article about this past year and kinda gave up. Instead, here's a gallery of my year! You can click on the photo and it will pop up with a little description. 

This year was amazing, I did 7 shows and had 4 custom orders. I made so, so many cacti this year. I've only lost 2 crochet hooks in the process and actually found one earlier this week, the other one is still somewhere in house. Maybe in a purse. I'll have to check later.

I am optimistic about 2018. I want to continue making cacti but I also want to try other stuff. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear from you.

I want to keep vending in fairs and markets. I really enjoy the human connection with people. I also want to be better at updating on here. I've said that literally every year, on every writing platform I've ever had but maybe 2018 is the year I will follow through. I guess there is only one way to find out. 

See you all in 2018!!